Merch Stall is born

Merch Stall is born

After years of peering over the edge of the cliff, into the abyss of actually making something happen, myself and Adam have finally started working on something together. Following numerous conversations over coffee, over about a decade, where we’ve set out plans for business ideas it seemed enough talk had gone on and it was ridiculous that we hadn’t got the ball rolling yet.

And therefore, Merch Stall is born!

Born out of an enthusiasm for screen printing and being part of a community, we want to bring high quality merchandise and apparel to independent musicians and business, friends and family. If you need it on a garment, let’s talk. We will walk you through the process, tailor our offer to you, and have a fun time doing it. We want to know how we can be the provider you need, so please let us know what’s missing. Want some footage of your T-shirts being printed for social media? no problem! Need to see a sample before you commit to using us? Gladly, what’s your colour? We’ll send you something you’ll like. If it’s in our powers to do, and it’s reasonable, we’ll make it happen.

It’s super early days, we have three jobs about to go through the workshop, so we’ll keep you informed how they go. We look forward to hearing from you!



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