Why you need care labels for your apparel brand

Why you need care labels for your apparel brand

Care labels are certainly not the most exciting parts of your fashion branding. However, they are one of the most important. As a brand owner, you should not overlook them.

As a follow-up to my recent blog about relabelling, I need to tell you about care labels. I mentioned in the previous blog there are a few brands who manufacture their t-shirts and other items with tear-away labels. You will see these in Bella + Canvas and Gildan. Usually, the garment labels will feature the original care instructions. If you remove the label you lose this info and will need to put the care instructions back into your garment. To help your customer keep your quality products in the best condition you will want them to know how to wash and maintain the item.

If you are relabelling or rebranding a garment it’s likely that you have customised it in some way with print or appliqué. You can take the original care instructions from the tear away labels. Be aware, you will need to amend them to cover the additions you have made to the garment. In most cases, you will have to add ‘Do not iron print’ or ‘wash before wear’ (if you have used a discharge print).

Care symbols explained
Care Symbols explained.

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