One Month In!

One Month In!

The relentless pace of time indicates we’re a month after we decided to begin Merch Stall!

It’s been a fun month fitting printing in any spare time we have, around our lives. We’ve already began working with some brilliant people, and I can’t emphasise enough what a pleasure it is to work with people who are passionate about what they do! Seeing people send designs they are excited about, and then hearing how happy they are with them, is very validating, and it’s extra nice to hear that they are going down well with fans and that repeat orders are imminent!


First job we completed was a nice Logo T-shirt, for new band Dead Extras, who have recently started gigging, it was a real pleasure to guide them through the process of getting their first T-shirt design into the real world. Go give them a hand, and check them out!

Deadbeat at dawn were our second print, and they had a really beautiful bold illuminati based design, it was a really satisfying T-shirt to make! If you like ska/punk/hiphop you really should keep your eye on them, they have new music inbound!

These two prints were easy wins, small runs and easy placements, we followed that up with our first big job, for As Sirens Fall. As Sirens Fall really take pride in their merch and its quality. Several prints and colours on two different designs, involving some halftone too. Halftone, basically allows a singles screen to give the impression of shading and depth, which can totally transform a design. They came out so well, and they have been passing on the good feedback they have got from the fans who bought them. Love working with these lot, and it’s been nice to have Jason and Jenny pop in the workshop to talk about what they want from their local printer! Head over to their online shop to check out their stuff.

We finished the month off with a bucketload of merch for Random Hand, four designs, two single colour, two with two colours. Adam wanted to use discharge on one of the designs, which came out pretty incredibly beautiful! Discharge ink is different to standard plastasol inks. Instead of covering the garment in a permanent ink, discharge bleaches the cloth and replaces the colour with the pigment from the ink. This leaves a pretty incredible finish! Give us a shout if you have any questions about ink choices.

In fact, give us a shout with questions about anything, want ideas on how to improve your artwork, or see a sample of our work? Drop us a message!


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